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Accessories for Spectroscopy  Accessories for Spectroscopy Minimize

  • Mini Plane Sampling Knife
    The Mini Plane is a unique tool to slice or plane surfaces of hard and soft, biological and industrial materials into thin samples for microanalysis.
  • KBr-Table Press
    Compact designed KBr-Table Press for pellet making for transmission analysis.
  • SiCheckIR
    The SiCheckIR is an innovative accessory to measure SiH2 composite, organic composites, etc. on Silicone wafers.

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Should you look for a specific tool, which you do not find on these pages, please get in touch with us for further guidance.


 μ Contact Pressure Monitor Minimize

Controls the pressure applied on the ATR crystal during sample analysis

ATR Contact MonitorFor ATR measurements the pressure is a very significant issue:
Too much pressure and either the sample or the ATR crystal will crack, too little pressure and there is no good contact between the ATR crystal and your sample.

With the μ Contact Pressure Monitor you can set an alarm at a specified pressure.
So while you gradually increase the pressure to obtain a good ATR spectrum, the alarm will be triggered as soon as you reach your pre-specified pressure limit.

Like this you can apply the desired maximum pressure on the sample for obtaining a high quality spectrum without breaking your ATR-crystal.




  • Easy handling & mounting
  • Universal use with most FTIR –Microscopes
  • Can be combined with the MircoVice-Mini for additional ease of use
  • Standard 25x27mm back plate of MicroVice-Mini for easy mounting on most microscope


  • Controlled pressure exertion on sample and ATR-objective
  • Acoustic signal prevents applying excessive pressure
  • ATR objective and sample are protected efficiently against breaking
  • Error measurements resulting from high pressures are eliminated
  • Multiple samples can be measured at a specified pressure setting, thus speeding up the processing of sample


 Diamond Compression Cell Minimize

With this compression cell you can easily flatten and thin materials to an ideal thickness for transmission analysis

Diamond Anvil CellThe sample is simply compressed between the diamond windows by turning thumb screws until the sample is thin enough for the beam of the spectrophotometer to penetrate.

The Diamond Cell simplifies sample preparation of samples, which are difficult to manage by other techniques:
Excellent for analyzing hard materials such as minerals, rubbers, plastics, polymers and also pharmaceuticals. They can be compressed, crushed and flattened to a uniform thickness for IR measurements.

The total cell thickness of 9.5 mm provides smallest working distance for use with microscopes.

  • Large clear aperture (1.6 mm or 2.0 mm)
  • Universal use with FTIR-Spectrometers & FTIR –Microscopes
  • Two type IIa single crystal synthetic diamonds
  • Standard 2”x3” back plate fits all spectrometers
  • To use without beam condenser


  • Simplified sample preparation
  • Multifunctional use with spectrometer and/or with IR-Microscope
  • Minimal interfering absorption bands
  • Maximum throughput to the detector without detection saturation
  • Easy to assemble and clean


 Mini Plane - Sampling Knife Minimize

Easily shave off surfaces into thin samples for microanalysis

Surface Cuts, Sectioning samples

Proper sample preparation tools are a requirement for any microscopy lab. This is especially true for those performing FT-IR analysis where the sample must be between 5 and 20 microns in order to provide the desired transmission.

The Mini-Plane enables you to shave off the surface of a material such as a polymer and cut a controlled and consistent sized slice of uniform thickness, optimized for measurement.

Surface Cuts with Mini Plane


  • Adjustable blade depth & cutting angle
  • Available with choice of blades: Single Crystal Diamond (cutting width 0,7 mm) or Carbide Steel Blade (cutting width 1,5 mm)    
  • Ergonomic wooden grip
  • Patented design


  • Excellent control and reproducibility of sample thickness
  • Precise depth control
  • Reduced mechanical damage to specimen
  • Allows you to produce sections of various thickness with the same knife
  • Easy to clean


 KRS5 - Wire Grid Polarizer Minimize

Wire grid polarizer for a broad variety of IR reflectance measurements

  • Measurement of thin layers or thin films on metal surfaces in Grazing Angle Reflectance mode
  • Molecular orientation studies of crystal and polymer films
  • Analysis of polymer films, fibers, multilayer coatings, etc.
  • Characterization of Langmuir-Blodgett films


  • Wavelength Range: 2.5μm through 25μm
  • Polarization Efficiency: >88% (2.5μm), >95% (25μm)
  • Extinction Ratios: 2 x 10-2 (2.5μm), 10-2 (3 through 24μm)
  • Dimension: 28mm OD x 2mm T
  • Clear aperture: 25mm
  • Condition in use: Humidity: <60%, Temp.: between 10℃ and 30℃


  • High transmission
  • High extinction
  • Number of grooves with aluminum wire: 3200/mm
  • Usability in a wide range
  • Polarizer comes with double cassette type 360°rotation holder


 KBr - Table Press Minimize

Compact designed Table Press for KBr-Pellets

KBr Pellet PressThis efficient, little KBr Table Press is a valuable addition in any IR Laboratory, which regularly makes KBr pellets.

The smooth action of the handle permits pellets to be pressed effortlessly with one hand and minimal pressure.

Clear KBr pellets with a diameter of 1, 3 and 7mm can easily be pressed.


  • Compact design
  • Selection of die sets available (1, 3 and 7 mm)
  • Components contacting the die set are stainless steel


  • Sturdy, compact and easy-to-use
  • Uniform and highly reproducible pellets
  • Easy to clean and maintain


 Sample Holders for Spectrometers Minimize

The Universal Holder - Versatile All-Round Sample Holder For Transmission Analysis

FTIR Transmission Sampler Holder

This universal holder features a spring loaded clip as well as a magnetic plate to hold samples firmly in place.

It can be used for films, pellets, windows, mulls, etc in sample sizes from 13 up to 40 mm diameter and 13 mm thickness.

  • The hold down section of the clip is gimballed: It can be flipped over and used facing in either direction providing a 10 mm and a 22 mm aperture
  • The 10 mm aperture is removable and can be unscrewed when using the 22 mm aperture
  • A thumbscrew provides adjustable pressure on the clip
  • A Viton O-ring mounted in the clip protects the sample
  • A groove in the base of the holder accommodates two magnets with 10 mm or  22 mm aperture
  • Standard sized backplate fits all spectrometers

The Quick Holder - Designed To Hold Collars For 1, 3, 7, And 13mm KBr Pellets

KBr Pellet Holder for FTIR Transmission Measurements

  • Magnetic back plate holds the sample in place
  • Easy positioning of the sample collar on a removable mount with a half moon cut-out
  • Includes 2 interchangeable mounts of different width
  • An opening at the top end of the holder is used for 13 mm pellets
  • Standard sized backplate fits all spectrometers
  • Combines perfectly with our KBr-table press!






The EZ-Clip - Sample Holder With Spring-Loaded Clip

FTIR Transmission Sample Holder for Films

FTIR Transmission Sample Holder for Films    

This inexpensive, easy to use holder is designed to hold samples with a spring loaded clip.

It easily holds windows, pellets, and films securely in place.

  • A Viton O-ring, mounted in the clip, protects the sample from damage
  • Two EZ-Clip models are available
    - a 25 mm diameter model - best for windows & films
    - a 13 mm diameter model -  best for pellets
  • Standard sized backplate fits all spectrometers



The K-Holder - Sample Holder For Liquid Samples And Pellets

Sample Holder For Liquid Samples And Pellets

  • Base and positioning mount can be slided up & down (25 mm) in order to position the sample correctly according to its specific size and form
  • Includes a mount with a triangular cut-out, which can be fixed on the movable base
  • Can be used for IR, UV, NIR, and Raman
  • Standard sized backplate fits all spectrometers






Demountable Liquid Cell

Cell Holder Liquids, Mulls, And Capillary Films

The windows that are used in this holder are not amalgamated together, so that the cell is easily convertible to accommodate various window materials and many sampling types.

  • Luker-Lok filling ports make filling and clean up easy
  • Full flexibility in the selection of window materials and path lengths
  • Easily disassembled for cleaning and window replacement
  • Cell windows can be assembled with various Teflon spacers sealing and defining the pathlength of the cell
  • Standard 2”x3” slide mount





 Si-CheckIR Minimize

ATR-Measurement of Si-Wafers

Si Wafers Measuerments Quality Control

Si-CheckIR is an accessory to measure SiH2 composites, organic contaminants, etc. on silicone wafers.

For measuring the surface of a silicone wafer a perfect contact between the wafer and the ATR crystal is essential.

  • Unique compression mechanism for optimum wafer contact 
  • The direction of pressure on the Si-wafer is always perpendicular to the ATR-crystal
  • The pressure intensity on the entire surface can be adjusted and is always equable and constant
  • Ge-crystal
  • Reflectance angle 60°
  • Precise optics ensure an incident angle of the IR-beam of ±1,5°
  • Various sizes for (6”, 8”, and 12”) for measuring larger sized wafers



 Free Spectra Databases Minimize
Are you interested in a free evaluation spectra database? - Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Please contact us if you are interested in obtaining an evaluation copy of one or more of our spectra databases.



 +++ irAnalyze & RAMalyze +++ Minimize

IR & Raman Spectrum Interpretation and Functional Group Assignment

Infrared & Raman spectrum analysis requires a lot of expertise with characteristic frequencies of functional groups, expected band intensities and structure correlations. Even for an experienced analyst spectrum interpretation is a time consuming job under most experimental conditions.

LabCognition's irAnalyze and RAMalyze assist the analyst with knowing more than 400 functional groups and approximately 1000 characteristic IR/Raman band frequencies. The software provide high quality functional group assignments in rather short time applying automatic or interactive analysis mode.


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