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Sample Prep Tools  Sample Prep Tools Minimize

  • Micro TouchPick Pen
    Innovative tool for effectively picking up and positioning smallest particles.
  • EZ-Pick III
    Hand-held SamplePrepStylus to easily prepare your samples at any location.
  • Mini Plane Sampling Knife
    The Mini Plane is a unique tool to slice or plane surfaces of hard and soft, biological and industrial materials into thin samples for microanalysis.

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 Micro TouchPick Pen Minimize

Easily pick up and position smallest particles

Picking up minute particles

Anyone involved in microscope work is aware of the difficulties caused by the lack of efficient and precise tools to pick up samples, securely hold them until finally exactly position the samples at the desired location.

The Micro TouchPick Pen is ideal for the delicate maneuvering of your specimens.

The unique technique makes the Micro TouchPick pen effective in capturing smaller–sized, fragile particles and samples of all sorts, including biological, archaeological and mineralogical samples.

Click here to see the video about how to use the Micro TouchPick Pen!

 Picking up minute particles Features

  • Accurate sample retrieving and positioning
  • Two different sized adhesive tips (0.62 mm and 0.17mm)
  • Ergonomic pen design
  • Excellent tip visibility
  • Enduring adhesive strengths


  • Easy to use for everybody
  • Excellent control of sample handling
  • Ideal for fragile and statically charged samples
  • Reduced risk of sample damage
  • No detectable residue left on sample
  • Long-term usability


 EZ-Pick III - Sample Prep Stylus Minimize

Easily manipulate & dissect your samples or extract smallest particles for further examination while monitoring your action on your connected PC or Android tablet


This new SamplePrep Stylus is an excellent solution for anyone who is engaged in specimen manipulation and handling of delicate components, fibers or any other microscopic tasks calling for precision work.

The EZ-Pick III has the form of a pen with a mounting device to attach sampling tools such as needles, knifes, tweezers, etc. An ultra-mini high performance CCD camera and a specially designed optical lens are built inside the pen.

Your sample prep operations are captured by the camera and are transferred to your computer or Android tablet for optimal visualization. The magnification can be adjusted.

According to your specific application you can attach the appropriate type of sample probe onto the body of the stylus.


  • Ergonomic Stylus design
  • Ultra mini high performance CCD
  • Specially designed optical lens
  • Attach it to your LapTop or your Adroid tablet
  • Exchangeable sample prep probes
  • Head Mount Display for on-site measurement available


  • Easy to use at any location
  • Easy on-site sample taking and manipulating
  • Versatility due to various exchangeable sample prep probes
  • Economic price

Interchangeable Tools:

Sample Probes, Needles


Included as standard with the EZ-Pick II is a set of electrically polished Tungsten Sampling Needles:
1" x 0.5 mm each, with point diameters of 1, 2.5, and 5 microns to pick up/extract microparticles from your sample
sampling knives for sample preparation

KnivesSampling Knives

The Sampling Knives - available with a 0° blade or a 15°blade - are suitable for cutting and sectioning your sample.

Included as standard with the EZ-Pick II is the Knife Holder with 10 knifes with a 0° cutting blade.


Regular and Reverse Action Tweezers with Curved TipsTweezers

Tweezer probes are available as an option. These probes can be
used to pick up small samples such as fibers, fabric, film, and paper, to eliminate sample contamination, etc.

a) Regular Curved Tip Tweezers
b) Reverse Action Tweezers with Curved Tips



Cutting surfaces, planing, shaving surfaces, diamond knifeDiamond Plane

The Diamond Plane is available as an option. This probe incorporates a synthetic single crystal diamond tip.
It is ideal for scraping and shaving off sections of the sample surface, e.g. impurities, for further analysis.



 Mini Plane - Sampling Knife Minimize

Easily shave off surfaces into thin samples for microanalysis

Surface Cuts, Sectioning samples

Proper sample preparation tools are a requirement for any microscopy lab. This is especially true for those performing FT-IR analysis where the sample must be between 5 and 20 microns in order to provide the desired transmission.

The Mini-Plane enables you to shave off the surface of a material such as a polymer and cut a controlled and consistent sized slice of uniform thickness, optimized for measurement.

Surface Cuts with Mini Plane


  • Adjustable blade depth & cutting angle
  • Available with choice of blades: Single Crystal Diamond (cutting width 0,7 mm) or Carbide Steel Blade (cutting width 1,5 mm)    
  • Ergonomic wooden grip
  • Patented design


  • Excellent control and reproducibility of sample thickness
  • Precise depth control
  • Reduced mechanical damage to specimen
  • Allows you to produce sections of various thickness with the same knife
  • Easy to clean


 Micro Vice - Allround Sample Stage for Microscopes Minimize

The Micro-Vice Holder is designed to hold individually shaped samples for microscope study

Holding, stretching, tilting samples under the microscope 


  • Holds round and unevenly shaped samples
  • Stretches fibers, polymer films, hairs by user defined increments
  • Permits tilting of oblique samles
  • Accommodation of samples up to 40 mm in diameter
  • Available in a number of different versions to accommodate a broad range of microscopes


  • Facilitates positioning of samples for examination with Microscopes, Stereoscopes, and IR-Microscopes
  • Supports FTIR-Microanalysis in pharmaceutical research and polymer analytics
  • Ideal for mineralogical and gemological studies with Stereo Microscopes
  • Facilitates forensic analysis of hair and fibers


 Diamond Compression Cell Minimize

With this compression cell you can easily flatten and thin materials to an ideal thickness for transmission analysis

Diamond Anvil CellThe sample is simply compressed between the diamond windows by turning thumb screws until the sample is thin enough for the beam of the spectrophotometer to penetrate.

The Diamond Cell simplifies sample preparation of samples, which are difficult to manage by other techniques:
Excellent for analyzing hard materials such as minerals, rubbers, plastics, polymers and also pharmaceuticals. They can be compressed, crushed and flattened to a uniform thickness for IR measurements.

The total cell thickness of 9.5 mm provides smallest working distance for use with microscopes.

  • Large clear aperture (1.6 mm or 2.0 mm)
  • Universal use with FTIR-Spectrometers & FTIR –Microscopes
  • Two type IIa single crystal synthetic diamonds
  • Standard 2”x3” back plate fits all spectrometers
  • To use without beam condenser


  • Simplified sample preparation
  • Multifunctional use with spectrometer and/or with IR-Microscope
  • Minimal interfering absorption bands
  • Maximum throughput to the detector without detection saturation
  • Easy to assemble and clean


 Sampling Slides for Microscopes Minimize

Diamond Windows

diamond slide, ftir microscope Standard materials such as KBr and BaF2 have long been used as windows for spectroscopic applications. These materials, however, present a number of problems. For example, they can be easily scratched and are difficult to clean.


Diamond windows do not have these problems. They are extremely hard and therefore almost impossible to scratch or damage, and they are easily cleaned.

The Diamond Windows are an ideal tool for your microscope measurements and cover wide spectral range from UV to FTIR.


  • Standard sized 1" x 3" slide mount
  • Highest Quality Synthetic Diamonds Type II
  • Excellent optical and mechanical properties
  • Highly desirable crystalline characteristics
  • Low concentrations of nitrogen impurities


  • Long durability
  • No diamond impurities interfere with sample measurements
  • No fracture strength
  • Best throughput
  • No solvent washing necessary
  • Uniform hardness

Micro Magnetic Sample Holder

microscope slide, magnetic, finders, hairs The Micro Magnetic Sample Holder is a multipurpose sampling slide to hold various types of probes for microanalysis.

It handles 13-mm pellets and Diamond windows, films and fibers.
The holder uses magnetic strips to secure the sample to the back plate.


  • Standard sized 1" x 3" slide mount
  • Magentic Covers secure samples firmly onto the back plate
  • Cover to holds fibers and films
  • Various sized openings for pellets, windows, mirrors etc.
  • Micro graticule cover included


  • Multiple usability with various kinds of samples
  • Easy to use
  • Easy & secure positioning of a large variety of sample types

LC-IR Holder

reflection-absorption measurements, grazing angle measurements, gold slide These LC-IR Sample Holders offers you perfect conditions for optimal micro-reflection spectroscopy of multiple samples on the same slide.

It is ideal for reflection-absorption measurements and grazing angle measurements



  • Standard sized 1" x 3" golden plate with 14 sample wells
  • 7 x 4.0 mm diameter wells
  • 7 x 2.5 mm diameter wells


  • All samples on one slide
  • To use for reflection-absorption measurements
  • To use for grazing angle measurements


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