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We provide a broad range of FTIR, ATR-FTIR, Raman, and NIR spectra

The databases are available as full collections or in specialized subsets in accordance with your application requirements.

  • All data has been reviewed by trained spectroscopists
  • Name, CAS number, molecular formula, and additional information with most spectra*
  • Databases are delivered  compatible with your specific instrument software
  • Lists of compounds/spectra in each database are available in pdf format

* Please note that the availability of sample information is depending on the spectrum format/the search software you are using!

ATR-FTIR Spectral Libraries
FTIR Transmission Spectral Libraries
Raman Spectral Libraries
NIR Spectral Libraries

All spectra databases are available in the following spectral formats:

  • ABB - Horizon MB™
  • ACD/Labs - ACD/UV-IR Manager™, SpecManager™
  • Agilent – (former Varian) Resolutions, Resolutions Pro v4.1™ (and later versions)
  • Agilent – (former A2 Technologies) MicroLab PC™
  • Agiltron, Inc
  • BaySpec, Inc.
  • BioRad/Sadtler - KnowItAll™, SearchMaster™
  • Bruker - Opus™
  • B&WTek Inc.- BWID™
  • DeltaNu (now SciAps)
  • Enwave Optronics, Inc.
  • Essential FTIR
  • Foster and Freeman Ltd - FORAM FireWire™, FORAM X3™
  • Galactic - Grams/32™, SpectralID™
  • Horiba/Jobin Yvon - LabSpec™
  • Jasco - Spectra Manager Suite™
  • JEOLKaiser Optical Systems - Grams32™
  • Lambda Solutions, Inc.
  • LabCognition - Panorama™, irAnalyze™, RAMalyze™
  • LabControl - Spectacle™
  • Lumex - Spectralum™
  • Mattson - WinFirst™
  • Methrom AG, Mira™
  • Perkin Elmer - Spectrum Expert Search™, Spectrum Express™
  • Raman Systems, Inc. - RSIScan™
  • Renishaw - WIRE™, Grams32™
  • SersTech AB
  • Shimadzu – LabSolutions IR, IRSolution™, HyperIR™
  • Smiths Detection Ltd. (SensIR) - Hazmat™, QualID™, PharmID™
  • S&I Spectroscopy & Imaging GmbH; TriVista
  • Thermo Nicolet – Omnic™, Omnic Specta™
  • WITec
  • Please contact us for the most recent compatibility list


ATR-FTIR Spectral Libraries

A continously growing database with thousands of ATR-FTIR spectra of a broad range of different materials subdivided into application specific sub-libraries.

  • Spectra measures with ZnSe focusing optics cover the spectral range 4000cm-1 to 650cm-1
  • Spectra measures with KRS-5 focusing optics cover the spectral range 4000cm-1 to 400cm-1

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FTIR Transmission Spectral Libraries

Our Transmittance spectra were measured at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Japan (AIST) under strict controls.A great range of application specific spectra libraries according to your needs are available.

  • Samples were measured with KBr, Liquid Film or Nujol with a spectral range od 4000 cm-1 to 400 cm-1


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Raman Spectral Libraries

New Raman spectra are continously added to this database makeing it the largest and most advanced Raman collection world-wide. Use the spectra with your Raman benchtop instrument or your Raman hand-held instrument.

  • Spectral range 4000 cm-1 to 200 cm-1(except P/N L60022-1, L60022-2)
  • samples were measured with wxcitation laser wavelength of 1064, 785, 532  or 488 nm


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NIR Spectral Libraries

This unique collection of over 6.000 NIR spectra is the biggest and newest NIR spectra collection available on the market. All spectra were measured using a FT-NIR Spectrometer equipped with Integrating Sphere Accessory.

  • Spectral range in wavenumbers units: 4200-10000 cm-1


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 Free Spectra Databases Minimize
Are you interested in a free evaluation spectra database? - Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Please contact us if you are interested in obtaining an evaluation copy of one or more of our spectra databases.



 +++ irAnalyze & RAMalyze +++ Minimize

IR & Raman Spectrum Interpretation and Functional Group Assignment

Infrared & Raman spectrum analysis requires a lot of expertise with characteristic frequencies of functional groups, expected band intensities and structure correlations. Even for an experienced analyst spectrum interpretation is a time consuming job under most experimental conditions.

LabCognition's irAnalyze and RAMalyze assist the analyst with knowing more than 400 functional groups and approximately 1000 characteristic IR/Raman band frequencies. The software provide high quality functional group assignments in rather short time applying automatic or interactive analysis mode.


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